Curatorial Experience

Our Sweet Secret Language

Featuring work by Bella Steele, Olivia Becchio, Molly O'Donnell, Emma Fernald, Emily Holtzman, Rebecca Schnopp, and Brittany Smith, "this exhibition becomes a visual inquisition seeking the formula of love using the twenty-something female point of view. These artists deconstruct the expectations of love from popular culture to either indulge or reject their absurdity using language, desire, and repetition. Most importantly, our return to love is for hooks, to tell her we are always, always thinking about love with our own sweet secret language. And to remind ourselves that in the wake of failure, self-love and acceptance can follow true romance." 

I hope you read me the same way I discretely read you
Brittany Smith

I Have Found You But We Will Both Still Die
Rebecca Schnopp

Emma Fernald

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Install Shots by Liam MacCormack + Melissa Ostrow

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